Key-competencies (SQ)

Key-competencies courses provide you with additional knowledge and skills beyond the regular courses of your discipline.

Your studies comprise courses of the respective discipline and courses that belong to the field of key competencies (SQ). You must successfully complete the SQ courses related to your discipline, for which the respective study program is responsible, as well as the interdisciplinary SQ courses, which are coordinated by the Center for Higher Education and Lifelong Learning (ZLW). The exam regulations determine which SQ courses you can attend and when.

Key competencies are necessary, for example, in order to acquire new knowledge and skills and to be able to face challenges in your studies and at work as is appropriate. The range of interdisciplinary SQ courses is complemented by special options for study achievements, e.g. qualifying as a tutor or becoming a mentor.

Information from the ZLW on interdisciplinary key competencies [de]



Interdisciplinary Key Competencies (FÜSQ)

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