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Master of Science 

Computer Science

Standard Period of Study: 4 semesters
Teaching Language: English

How is the program structured?

M.Sc. CS students decide on one of the offered majors:

  • "Autonomous Systems" combines courses in machine learning, artificial intelligence, decision making and robotics with sensors and actuators, hardware and software systems as well as parallel and distributed computing resources.
  • "Service Technology and Engineering" aims to provide the scientific and technological foundations of services, to train people in the design and maintenance of service-oriented platforms and solutions. This major targets application domains such as mobility, communication, as well as product and production design.
  • "Visual Computing" covers the entire visual computing pipeline by offering various lectures in the field of video processing, computer graphics, visualization, human machine interaction, and optimization.

In the first year, students attend the compulsory modules and select a number of modules from the available catalogs of their profile, respectively. The third semester offers high flexibility as here electives can also be chosen from related Master's programs, or the students can spend the semester abroad. The fourth semester is reserved for the master's thesis.

The courses which are currently offered can be found in the C@MPUS system. If you search there for "Computer Science" (ID 979) under "Degree programmes", you can click on the calendar to the right of your selected study profile to get a preliminary schedule (adapt times if necessary).

Program structure Computer Science M.Sc.. .
Program structure Computer Science M.Sc..

The Module Guide describes the modules and the required courses belonging to the module. The Module Guide (also called module handbook) is published in the Campus Management System C@MPUS [de] (please click as follows: choose the degree - click on the book behind the study program's name).


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Stefanie Anstein

study program manager BSc MSV & MSc CL; student advisor & contact person examination committee BSc MSV, MSc CL & MSc CS


Annette Maske

Coordinator International Service Point Faculty 5

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Student Counseling Center

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