Avete Academici

Welcome first semester students!

The University of Stuttgart invites you to an evening for first semester students to mark the start of your studies this winter semester.

In this opening event on Monday October 15th, 2018 the Avete Academici welcomes all first semester students of the University of Stuttgart. This eventful program will take place in the culture and convention center Liederhalle.

Avete Academici 2014

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  • Welcoming address by Rector Prof. Dr.-Ing. Wolfram Ressel
  • Greetings by the representative of the capital City of Stuttgart Werner Wölfle
  • Greetings by Sebastian Dallinger, Student Representative
  • DAAD Prize for outstanding achievements of foreign students studying at German universities

Lecture in german:
"Entropy in everyday life - or, why it is absolutely impossible to keep everything permanently in order"
Stefan Staudacher, Institute of Aircraft Propulsion Systems & Bernhard Weigand, Institue of Aerospace Thermodynamics

Music by the University of Stuttgart Big Band.

Followed by (starting approx. at 19:00):
The Fair of Feasibilities – University of Stuttgart institutes introduce themselves.

The University of Stuttgart's "UNO" First Semester Student Party kicks off right after the events at Liederhalle.

When: October 15th, from 8:00 pm
Where: Lobby of the No.47 Building, Pfaffenwaldring 47, Vaihingen Campus

Accepting the invitation to the “Avete Academici” First Semester Student evening is simple and fast – all it takes is your matriculation number!

The RSVP page is only available in German!

Please note: Online RSVP is unfortunately not available for the following student categories: 

  • Students who are resuming studies at the University of Stuttgart after an interruptions;
  • Students who switched study programs (transfer students)

If you fall into these categories, please mail us the RSVP card that came with your invitation. Alternatively, email your RSVP with “Anmeldung Avete” in the subject line along with your matriculation number.

DAAD Prize

The prize for the most outstanding academic achievements from a foreign student at a German university will be awarded at "Avete Academici", the university’s event for first-semester students.

This prize honors a foreign student at the University of Stuttgart who demonstrates very good academic performance and remarkable social engagement. It carries a 1,000€ monetary award.

Der German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) is a joint institution of German universities. It promotes international academic collaboration using public funds, with special emphasis on dialogues between students and scientists. Students from abroad studying at German universities enrich the university community both culturally and academically. To honor outstanding international students, the DAAD annually provides funds to the universities to endow this prize.

 (c) University of Stuttgart
Fair of Feasibilities

Fair of Feasibilities

The Fair of Feasibilities introduces you to all the places where students can go for help and shows how varied the menu of leisure time activities is.

From A-H

The interdisciplinary university network for students and graduates of the University of Stuttgart


Hochschulsport not only gets you moving, it also helps you to connect with others. The university’s diverse sport program offers an excellent balance to uni life, as well as helping you to stay fit and healthy. It is also the perfect way to get to know some like-minded people.

Athletics for Everyone at University of Stuttgart

TTI GmbH is the central place to go for anyone interested in business startups and potential entrepreneurs at the University of Stuttgart and neighboring research institutes.


C@mpus is the University of Stuttgart’s Campus Management System, where the entire “student lifecycle” from student applications to the end of the study program is managed.


The Ecumenical Center (ÖZ) addresses itself as an institution of the Evangelical and Catholic churches to students and teachers at the University of Stuttgart. The university chaplains can give provide seasoned counsel for the problems of daily life.

Students of all programs and young adults who live according to their Christian faith meet here to discuss and rediscover it. ESG and KHG offer a space where you can share your ideas about current topics from society, science, religion or your studies.

Extracurricular Studies offers students a wide range of courses additional to their own studies no matter where their interests lie: musical and creative courses are available, as well as courses that improve personal development or prepare for later work life -  without any pressure to perform and examination stress!

What can gender equality do for you? The team of the Gender Equality Office gladly offer advise concerning studiying with children, inform you about scholarships and support female students with various projects.

Gender Equality Office

The GreenTeam Uni Stuttgart e. V. is a student association that participates in Formula Student. This competition involves designing and constructing a fully electric racing car over a six-month period (2 semesters).

HORADS 88.6 is the campus radio for Stuttgart and Ludwigsburg, on wavelength 88.6 MHz in Stuttgart and worldwide via live stream and app. Interested students are welcome to try out radio journalism at HORADS.

From L - W

Communciate – Present – Write – Communicate between cultures
16 languages taught, including German as a second language and German as first language.

Language Center

The MINT College assists new students and those interested in starting studies in the MINT subjects (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) with a broad curriculum to help make a good start at their studies.

MINT College Baden-Württemberg

Each year, the University of Stuttgart’s racing team designs and constructs its own racing car. The team takes part in various competitions against other university teams from all over the world. Students from all subjects are welcome in the racing team.

Information and counseling for first semester students in all study programs are offered by the Student Advisory Service – your first point of contact for questions relating to your studies.

Student Counseling Center

Stuvus are student representatives on the university council. Via the student councils, Stuvus actively helps develop all the university’s study programs. With a range of diverse projects, Stuvus helps improve everyday life for all students at the university.


Information on study abroad stays and exchange programs of the University of Stuttgart.

Study Abroad counseling

Housing, food and drink, childcare, processing of BAföG financing applications and counseling and help in difficult situations: Stuttgart Student Services provides students in the region and thus also at the University of Stuttgart the optimal framework for succeeding at their studies.

No matter if you are writing a Bachelor’s or Master’s thesis, in the workshop you will get specific help and advice on anything having to do with academic writing.

Writing workshop


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