Welcome first-semester students!

Avete Academici

On October 18, the University of Stuttgart will be welcoming its new first-semester students with a virtual event. Our online Market of Possibilities will show new students where to go if they need help, and the varied range of leisure activities on offer at the university.

In cooperation with the student council stuvus, the University of Stuttgart wishes you “Avete Academici – a very warm welcome!”. This virtual event will give first-semester students an overview of the facilities and opportunities at the University of Stuttgart.

Welcome greetings from Rector Prof. Dr. Wolfram Ressel [de]

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Dear First-Semester Students, Dear Students,

"Life is an eternal series of new beginnings"

This quotation comes from the author Hugo von Hofmannsthal and applies to the start of the winter semester 2021/22 twofold not only to those of you who are experiencing the university and academia for the first time, and who are beginning their studies as a first-semester student, but also, to your fellow students, who after a long period of online teaching, now have the opportunity to return to campus and learn here on-site once more.

So, let's get started!

I am delighted that you are here, and I would like to welcome you to the University of Stuttgart! My name is Wolfram Ressel and I am the university Rector.

You have made an excellent choice by selecting the University of Stuttgart! We at the University of Stuttgart have taken the responsibility of adjusting university operations for the coming winter semester, in accordance with pandemic conditions. We not only want to create the best possible study conditions for you, but at the same time, we also want to ensure that you get through this semester healthy and safe. To achieve both aims, we have developed and defined a framework for university operations during the winter semester - always with the goal of making your arrival and studying at the university as comfortable as possible, because creating an excellent environment provides the necessary conditions to ensure a successful start to your studies and for your future at our university.

A fundamental part of this environment is the University of Stuttgart's special approach to interdisciplinary thinking and research. In order to solve future problems, it is advantageous when different disciplines work together. This also applies to the interplay between science, technology and humanities, for example in the study program "Digital Humanities". A further aspect is the collaboration with other research institutions. The universities of Tübingen and Stuttgart teach together in the field of medical engineering, and the universities of Hohenheim and Stuttgart teach together in the field of teacher training. The university also cooperates with the University of Education Ludwigsburg. Furthermore, the University of Stuttgart is also a member of the TU9 - an alliance of leading Universities of Technology in Germany. The university is also highly regarded internationally for its research and science. Finally, we seek to maintain close contacts with business and industry, which provides a framework for reflecting on scientific work within the context of wider society. This approach ensures that you can align your personal future with the challenges facing society. This is something that only a university can offer you, and our university in particular.

Let us consider the months and years of study ahead: perhaps you are enrolled here with us because you want to shape the mobility of the future. Perhaps you are interested in the field of artificial intelligence, or you want to be part of the quantum physics revolution. Perhaps you are training to become a teacher because you want to pass on your personal interest and enthusiasm for a subject to your students. Or maybe you want to show your commitment to future society in other ways, in the fields of business, social sciences or the humanities. Wherever your interests lie, at the University of Stuttgart, you will meet experts, scientists and academics who will provide you with knowledge, but who will also, above all, spur you on to remain curious and encourage you to make your own discoveries. Indeed, immersing yourself in academia also means asking questions and, above all, taking personal responsibility for the paths you choose in learning, and in life. We can support you, but you must find your own way.

We – doesn’t not just refer to the university directors. We – means the student counseling center, which is there to support you. Even though some things are still taking place online, due to the Corona pandemic, we are here for you. This also applies to the academic advisors in your study program. If you're struggling with something, take advantage of office hours and get some personal advice. We - here I'm also thinking of the STEM College, which offers courses to help make the transition to university courses easier for new students. We - this also includes stuvus, the University of Stuttgart's student council, with its many student groups. We - also refers to the many committed people who work for the university and who support and help each other.

And "we" also includes our students. Perhaps you will soon become involved in a student council yourself, or maybe you are interested in what the university has to offer in terms of music, language or a university sports group. You belong because you have chosen to enroll at our university. With all the studying and learning, please don't neglect your hobbies, parties and to take part in the cultural life of the state capital! Social interaction is also an essential part of studying!

I hope that you use your time at the University of Stuttgart to absorb and reflect on education and knowledge. What you learn with us today, can help you change the society of tomorrow. But I also hope that you will enjoy our research cooperations, that you will meet companions who will have a positive influence on you, and that you will simply enjoy studying in Stuttgart.

Welcome to the University of Stuttgart!


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