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Quality development for students

Student feedback plays a key role in various ways for quality development in learning and teaching.

In order to improve teaching and study programs at the University of Stuttgart, as many students as possible should participate in the surveys. We are looking forward to feedback about the surveys and/or your active engagement in different committees and working groups. The most important forms of student participation as part of the “Stuttgart Evaluation Model” are explained on the website.

For students, participation in the course survey is voluntary. However, the surveys are an excellent tool to provide suggestions for improving the teaching in your study program.

Why? The course survey offers students the opportunity to evaluate individual courses. The aim of the survey is that lecturers receive constructive feedback from students on how they can individually improve the course. For this reason, the results should be discussed with the students after the survey is completed so that potential for improvement can be identified.

When? The course survey will be conducted in the middle of the semester.

How often? The evaluation of each course at least every two years is mandatory. If necessary, lecturers can have their course evaluated every semester.

What happens next? In addition to discussing the results in the course itself, the results will be included in module reports and module overviews, which are made available to the module manager or to the Dean of Undergraduate and Graduate Studies on a regular basis (usually every two years).

Data protection? Your data is safe and will be destroyed after evaluation. The questionnaires are regularly checked by the Central Data Protection Office of the Baden-Wuerttemberg Universities (ZENDAS) [de]. No evaluations will be made if five or fewer questionnaires have been completed. This prevents traceability to individual persons. Free text entries will be scanned. In order to make it impossible to relate the data to an individual person, students should change their handwriting in paper surveys.

How is the module survey conducted? The module survey is done for selected modules during the lecture-free period. It records your acquisition of skills, your workload (including the time to prepare for the exam), and the interplay of the different components of the module (e.g. lecture and exercises). The survey is conducted online. If a survey is scheduled for a certain module, all students of the module who are registered for the exam will receive an email invitation to participate ten days before the final module examination, and a reminder three days before the module examination.

Why do I receive several invitations to participate in the survey? If students complete several modules in one semester, they are entitled to take part in several surveys. The module survey takes only a few minutes.

Why should I participate in the survey? The module survey enables students to evaluate all components, including the framework conditions, of a module. The aim of the survey is the improvement of the entire module by the lecturers involved. For this reason, the results will be made available to the module manager and to the Dean of Undergraduate and Graduate Studies.

When? The module survey will take place about ten days before the examination.

How often? All compulsory and basic modules with more than 30 registrations for examinations and a scheduled exam date are evaluated on a regular basis. If necessary, the study program managers can announce the evaluation of further modules.

What happens next? For the further development of the modules, the results will be made available to the module managers as well as to the deans of undergraduate and graduate studies in the form of module reports and module overviews.

How can I participate in commenting on the module report? The Stuttgart Evaluation Model provides for students and lecturers to jointly comment on the module reports. If you would like to participate in commenting on the report, please contact the module manager directly. The student council, the student representatives in your committee for student affairs and teaching, and the staff of the Evaluation department are also available to answer any questions.

Why should I participate in commenting on the report? Experience from past semesters has shown that the individual modules can be discussed in a very objective and improvement-oriented manner. The comprehensive basis of data from the module report helps to make meaningful changes and improvements. If you contribute to the commentary, you will help the module managers put the different data in the right light. Once commenting is completed, the module managers are required to forward the results to the study program managers.

When? At regular intervals, the study program managers receive a module overview, which they can use to select modules for commenting together with the committee on student affairs and teaching.

How often? Commenting is only done on request (for example by the students of the module or by the committee on student affairs and teaching).

What happens next? The conclusions from the comments will be forwarded to the study program managers and, if necessary, will be included in the study program report.

To ensure the quality of the study programs and of learning and teaching at the University of Stuttgart in general, surveys are conducted on a regular basis. These include ...

  • a survey of students
  • a survey of graduates
  • a survey of applicants
  • a survey on drop-out / termination of studies, and a survey on change of study program

The results of the surveys are analyzed as part of the study program evaluation. The results of the analysis are included in the study program reports and, if necessary, are used to define measures for further developing the study program.

Review of the study program

Particularly with regard to the successful system accreditation of the University of Stuttgart, the participation of the students in quality issues is coming into focus. Students need to actively take responsibility for the quality of teaching in their study program, so that an adequate quality improvement can be achieved.

Against this background, the most important body is, besides the committee for student affairs and teaching, the review commission, which includes some of the members of the Senate Committee for Teaching and Lifelong Learning.

Each study program must undergo a study program review [de] every six to eight years. The review commission of the University of Stuttgart makes a final assessment. Before the assessment, all documents relevant to the study program are examined. In the commission meetings, great importance is placed on the feedback from the students about the “studyability” of the study programs, which is regularly reflected in the evaluations of the commission. In addition, the student council to which the study program to be reviewed is assigned sends a student representative to the review commission as a voting member.

Module evaluation

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Module evaluation at the University of Stuttgart explained in simple terms.


Quality Development

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