University:Future Festival: „Visualization of Diversity“ and Poster Downloads

April 20, 2023

The project „Visualization of Diversity“ will be presented at the University:Future Festival in April 2023, including an informative talk and integration into the Creative:Space. Due to high demand, the University of Stuttgart also offers the popular Diversity Posters as downloads for self-printing in Din A4 format.

Project presentation at University:Future Festival

In April 2023, the project „Visualization of Diversity“ will be made accessible to a broader public outside the University of Stuttgart as part of the University:Future Festival. On April 27, 10:10 to 10:40 am, an informative talk will take place, to which all are cordially invited. The talk will be complemented by the permanent integration of the project into the Creative:Space [], a virtual space for art and discussion. From numerous submissions, the project was selected for the lecture and Creative:Space by the organizers of the University:Future Festival, the Stiftung für Innovation in der Hochschullehre and the Hochschulforum Digitalisierung.

The University:Future Festival will explore future issues in higher education on 7-11 parallel stages from April 26-28. Free online and in-person tickets are available and are aimed at anyone concerned with the future of higher education. In 2022, 2,900 people actively participated.

More information about the project

Din A4 posters for in-house printing

There is interesting news for all members of the University of Stuttgart: Due to the high demand for our 12 popular diversity posters, which exceeds the available supply, and because the original DIN A0 format is too large for some hanging locations, we offer here the download of image files of the 12 selected motifs of the diversity posters of the University of Stuttgart. The files have been optimized for in-house printing in DIN A4 format.

The diversity poster campaign was created in the academic year 2022 as an interdisciplinary cooperation project of the HfK+G*, private University of Communication and Design, Stuttgart, in collaboration with the Diversity Commissions of Faculties 2 and 10 as well as the Prorectorate Diversity and International Affairs of the University of Stuttgart. The goal of this project was to present the diversity issues of the University of Stuttgart in an emotional and appealing way and to promote lively communication about them.


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