Legal Advice

Students in need of advice and support in legal matters can get a free initial consultation at the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart.


Legal Advice at the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart

The initial counseling at the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart is given by lawyer Tobias Grösche, and takes place on the premises of the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart. Initial counseling on your legal matter is limited to oral information. We do not offer advice by e-mail or telephone. Please bear in mind that it is your responsibility to comply with any deadlines. Also, please remember to bring your student ID to your appointment.
Appointments by arrangement.

Legal Advice (Studierendenwerk Stuttgart)

Legal Advice at the District Court

The District Court provides legal aid and advice [de] to people with low incomes. In your free initial consultation at the Studierendenwerk Stuttgart, you can find out if this makes sense for you and your legal concern.

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