Don't forget: Saving energy. Together!

March 22, 2023

The university-wide energy-saving campaign will continue after the winter semester 2022/23. Numerous posters can be seen around the university, reminding you to save energy in everyday university life.

Despite the start of spring and rising temperatures, we must continue to reduce our heat and electricity consumption in order to achieve the savings target of 20 percent heat and 20 percent electricity. "Our collective efforts to conserve energy during the winter have definitely made an impact. And I would like to thank you all for your effort," says Chancellor Jan Gerken. "Now it is important that we continue to be frugal and conscious of our energy resources. So, we have decided to extend the university’s energy-saving campaign."

Save energy. Together!

Posters remind us to save energy

Division 6  - Building Operations, together with the Reallabor Campus hoch i and University Communications, have designed posters for different rooms, to remind employees and students to turn off lights and projectors, close windows and turn down the heating in everyday university life.

  • When you leave the restrooms, please turn off the lights if there are no motion detectors. Department 6 is in close contact with the University Building Authority (UBA), to ensure that the restrooms will gradually be equipped with LED lighting and motion detectors. As soon as the lighting has been replaced, the posters in the restrooms will be removed.
  • Posters have been designed for the lecture halls and seminar rooms to remind you to turn off the lights and projector after the last lecture. The posters also urge people to close the windows when leaving the room and to turn down the heating in winter.
  • Posters are also on display in meeting rooms, workrooms and the areas used by student councils and student representatives.
  • Please use the stairs instead of the elevators when possible.

The student council stuvus, the Sustainability Working Group from Faculty 2 and Division 6 put up the energy-saving posters around the university together.

During the winter semester, the university also conducted several surveys on the topic of saving energy. Some good ideas were put forward, and these will also be implemented. Division 6 welcomes anyone interested in the topic of energy saving. If you would like to get involved, please contact the head of department Ulrike Reimer.

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