Call for Lectures for the 15th meccanica feminale

May 30, 2023

The Call for Lectures for the meccanica feminale Baden-Württemberg 2024 has now begun. The deadline for entries is June 18, 2023

Female lecturers and STEM professionals are needed, to share their knowledge with future female experts and to contribute submissions for seminars, workshops, and lectures. The focus of meccanica feminale is "Energy & Environment".

Topics in the field of mechanical, electrical, and engineering sciences are welcome, but so are other topics in STEM disciplines, as well as social-skills offerings.

The meccanica feminale Baden-Württemberg is the spring academy for female students and women involved in the fields of mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, industrial engineering, medical engineering, and related STEM fields. At this event, participants have the opportunity to network and expand their expertise.

The 15th Spring Academy will take place from February 15 through March 2, 2024 at the University of Stuttgart. The Call for Lectures has now begun and will close on June 18, 2023.

Further information and the call for lectures form

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