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Overview of all exam dates

This application lists an overview of all exam dates at the University of Stuttgart. Using various criteria such as semester, degree program, organization, exam title, exam name and examiner, you can search and sort the exams at the University of Stuttgart.

Search Exams

The following filter options are available for searching.

Filter options in All Examinations Dates
Search and filter options
  • Term: Each course is assigned to a specific semester. 
  • Curriculum: This drop-down menu lists all courses (for combined degree programs, both the individual subjects and the combination) in which you are or were enrolled in the selected semester.
  • Organisation: Each exam is assigned to an offering organization. Exams can be offered e.g. by faculties, institutes or departments. When selecting an organizational unit, only those exams are displayed that are offered by the selected organizational unit or a subordinate organizational unit. The organizational unit "All" is preselected here. As soon as you click in the selection field, a funnel symbol appears. By entering e.g. "Institute of History", you start the filtering process.
  • You can define further filter criteria using the Filter button on the far right: for example, you can filter according to the characteristics "Exam Dates for Courses Attended".
  • In addition, it is possible to perform a keyword search across all courses. The exam number, the exam title and the examiner are evaluated.

Alternative search

You can search for recommended exams in the C@MPUS application My Degree Program.

Overview Exam dates

You can further limit the list that is now displayed with filters as you wish.

At this point you can also register for exams during the exam registration period. Further information can be found in the instructions for registering for exams.

Please also refer to the web page General Information on Examination Organization of the Examination Office with information e.g. on exam registration, exam withdrawal, exam regulations, sick leave.

all exam dates
All exam Dates

Frequently Asked Questions

You can manage your exam dates in the My Examination Dates App.

Please refer to our exam registration guide for more information.



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