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Your studies provide you with a number of career options. We are happy to offer advice and support concerning your individual study and career path.

Which career options do I have after finishing my studies? How do I determine which would suit me best? Which subject-specific and interdisciplinary qualifications have I acquired that might help me in the work environment? Should I consider a Master's degree or not – if yes, which Master's program should I choose? Should I go abroad or do a voluntary internship, even though this might eventually prolong my studies?

Many options and many questions

After finishing your studies a wide field of job opportunities is open to you. Besides the usual career choices there are many examples of people who made extraordinary career choices, sometimes even beyond the boundaries of their academic field. The services of the Student Counseling Center are especially designed to answer your career-related questions.

All events and offers are in German, but you can always ask for individual counseling appointments in English.

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