Mechanical Engineering / Materials and Production Engineering

Master of Science 

Standard Period of Study: 4 semesters
Teaching Language: German

How is the program structured?

The curriculum, that has been worked out for the MPE program, is putting an emphasis on the individual arrangement of classes by the student. For that there are a variety of Key Modules, Specialized Area Subjects and Key Competencies one can choose from. In order to ensure a high-quality standard, the classes are organized in groups. By having to complete classes from different groups we make sure that there is enough width and depth to your studies. You can specialize even further by choosing topics that suite your interests during your student and master’s thesis. The master’s Thesis can be written in cooperation with an industrial company. In addition to your Modules, you will have the opportunity to choose (interdisciplinary) Key Competencies.

As you can also see in the course schedule, your studies contain:

  • two Specialization Subjects (18 ECTS each)
  • three Specialized Areas (6 ECTS each)
  • Two Key Competencies (3 ECTS each)
  • An internship (15 ECTS) or
  • A Key Module (15 ECTS)
  • A student thesis (15 ECTS)
  • A master’s thesis (30 ECTS)
image of a suggested schedule. .
image of a suggested schedule.

Classes are primarily offered in German.

Contact for further questions


Jonathan Böhm

Holzgartenstr. 17, 70174 Stuttgart

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Student Counseling Center

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