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Possibility to download certificates and transcripts in PDF format

You can use this application to download previous achievements, which do not have to be certified by the examination office, in PDF format.

Study certificates are relevant, for example, for your student ID card, your health insurance, if you want to receive BAföG benefits to finance your studies, or if you want to apply for a job or scholarship.

C@MPUS application "My Certificates" example

Study certificates

The following documents can be downloaded:

Confirmations of Achievement

  • Transcript of Records (Alles)
    This document lists all achievements, registrations, withdrawals and failed attempts to date. The overview is suitable for submission to the examination board or also for submission for the BAföG certificate. In addition, it is also suitable for the application in case of an intended change of university during the studies.
  • Transcript of Records (only PA) for DStip-Applications
    This document contains only the modules completed so far. Partial achievements of modules that have not been completed are not displayed. This certificate is suitable for applying for the Deutschlandstipendium (DStip) and for applications to companies. It is not suitable for applications to universities.
  • Certificate
    Using the drop-down menu under the Study program column, you can select individual exams you have completed and print a certificate. However, please note that this is currently only possible for courses and key qualifications of the Language Center!

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