Corona: Information for international students

March 4, 2022

As COVID-19 has been changing our everyday live, we aim at providing you as international students with additional support and information concerning your residence permit, financial support, contact persons and social activities.

Please inform the International Office if you get tested positive for COVID-19. We can guide you through the process. 

Our website will constantly be updated. We will provide you with further information and offers. We therefore kindly ask you to check our website regularly in order to stay informed.

As the situation changes on a daily basis, we kindly ask you to keep yourself updated: Latest news at the University of Stuttgart
On this webpage we will also provide as much information as possible for you as international students in Stuttgart. 

The Robert Koch Institute continuously informs about the current COVID-19 situation in Germany and regularly publishes information sheets with instructions for affected patients:

Arriving in Germany with a vaccination

If you have already been vaccinated against COVID-19 we recommend that you bring with you a proof in German or English. The entry restrictions and quarantine regulations are specific to the country and region where you spent the last ten days before your arrival. See info sheet about entry regulations on this page for details.

List of acknowledged COVID-19 vaccines (Paul Ehrlich Institute)

Getting a (booster) vaccination in Germany

Any person with a residence in Germany can get a free COVID-19 vaccination. This includes international students.

As of January 15, 2022, if you are vaccinated with the Johnson & Johnson (Jannssen-Cilag) vaccine, a second vaccination with one of the vaccines listed on the Paul Ehrlich Institute website is required.

As of February 1, 2022, the EU vaccination certificate without booster vaccination loses its validity after 270 days, i.e. nine months after basic immunization.

Currently there are plenty of appointments available in the vaccine centers. Some even offer vaccinations without an appointment. The International Office is unfortunately not in the position to assist with making appointments.

Vaccines not acknowledged in the EU

The Robert-Koch-Institute recommends that those who have been vaccinated with an unapproved vaccine should complete a full cycle of vaccination to obtain the status of being vaccinated in the EU.

In case of individual questions regarding the vaccination please contact your family doctor.

Infosheet about entry regulations
Welcome Checklist

For newly arrived international students

Before planning your arrival to Stuttgart, check out our web-seminar "Pre-Departure"

An admission to studies is generally accepted as a valid reason to enter Germany. A separate confirmation of presence is not needed (since September 2020).

By the time of arrival in Germany you must be in possession of a negative test result no older than 48 hours (time of swab), proof of vaccination or proof of recovery from a Covid infection. The airlines control the proofs before departure. If you arrive by land or sea the border officials may control your documents.

For further information please refer to our infosheet on entry and quarantine. We do our best to keep it up to date but please always check the current information by German officials for any recent changes:

The German embassies and the airline companies also offer reliable information on entry restrictions

For more information regarding our orientation program and the registration for our events, please visit our website

Please note that our orientation program will be completely online. 

Welcome to Stuttgart in these exceptional times! We look forward to meeting you in person once the situation allows it. In order to keep on track with the formalities you need to take care off we kindly ask you to check our website regarding first steps in Stuttgart and to also check out our Welcome Guide. Please mind that some processes have changed due to corona. The newest information can always be found in our Welcome Checklist, which is an updated version of the Welcome Guide. 

We also recommend that you participate in our Guidance on Formalities, which takes place every Friday from 10 a.m. to 11.30 a.m. In this session we will guide you through all the formalities you have to take care of, step by step. You need to register in advance. 

Due to the present situation, regulations change quite fast. Please inform yourself directly on the homepage of Studierendenwerk Stuttgart or VSSW and check it regularely for updates:


The enrollment process depends whether you are at home or in Stuttgart.

For students in Stuttgart (or Germany):

Please upload all the necessary documents to C@MPUS. The application for enrollment cannot be uploaded. You have to send the original document either via postal mail or post it in the letter box of Admissions Office. Please remember to update your adress in C@MPUS to your German adress. Your student ID card will be sent via postal mail to your indicated adress.

For students abroad:

Students who are abroad can send the required documents via e-mail to the Admissions Office. Please mention in your e-mail that you are studying remotely. The health insurance and visa/residence permit will be waived until you arrive in Stuttgart. Your student ID will not be send to a foreign adress. As soon as you arrive in Stuttgart, you have to finish your enrollment and will receive your student ID.

If you stay in Germany for more than 90 days you are required to register at the residents’ registrations office (Bürgerbüro) in your place of residence. After the registration you will receive a confirmation (Meldebescheinigung) which you will need in order to open a bank account. Due to corona you can book an appointment (online or via phone) to visit the residents’ registration office in person. Alternatively (or if you cannot book an appointment) you can hand in your documents by postal mail or directly via the letter-boxof the respective office. Therefore, prepare the requested documents as hard copies (passport/ID card and the registration form) together with a short note of your request and your contact details (mobile phone number and e-mail address)! Please note that you have to use the German registration form - for an English translation please check the guideline. (Formulare > Registration form – explanations).

The student visa is normally valid for a maximum of three months. If you intend to stay longer than indicated in your passport, you must apply for a residence permit (Aufenthaltserlaubnis) at the foreign registration authority of your town of residence upon arrival in Germany. In Stuttgart this is the Ausländerbehörde or Bürgerbüro [de]. You can now send the application form online via e-mail. Please consider the necessary documents as well. Please mind our FAQ section for any further questions.

Please send a request by e-mail to the health insurance provider you want to choose or have a look at their websites. Sometimes you can buy the health insurance direclty from the website. The providers will send you documents via e-mail which can be filled out online.

Students not in Stuttgart:

If you are not able to enter Germany, but would like to follow the online courses of the summer semester anyway, please complete your enrollment. Otherwise you won't have access to the online courses. You don't have to take out a German health insurance until you arrive in Germany. If you have questions, please don't hesitate to contact us via e-mail. 

Support during COVID-19

The International Office at the IZ is closed until further notice, but we are happy to answer your requests via e-mail or telephone. Please inform yourself about the person in charge and send an e-mail to the responsible colleague

Online consultation hours at the International Office!
The International Office offers online consultation hours to students.
Monday & Wednesday from 10 a.m. to noon

Due to the current restrictions, it is very hard to keep in touch with other people and the situation can be very challenging. If you are struggling with mental health issues, please do not hesitate to reach out for assistance and contact us. We are happy to help you!
You can find further support on the following website:

In case you are in a financial emergency, we are happy to consult with you via video call or on the phone. We will look at your individual circumstances together and discuss what steps to take next. To schedule an appointment please write to 

If you struggle to pay the rent please contact your landlord to discuss a payment plan.

Avoid late payment fees! If you are unable to pay a bill, e.g. your health insurance or an online purchase, please contact the persons in charge in order to arrange a postponement of the due date or a payment plan.

In special cases, international students can apply to be exempted from the tuition fees of EUR 1.500. More information. 

Are you looking for information in English about the current political situation in Germany due to the corona virus? As there are several restrictions in Germany right now and it is hard to find information in English, we have collected some helpful links for you: 

Do you know STUBE? STUBE is a short form for the German word “Studienbegleitprogramm” and is an offer for students from Africa, Asia, Latin America and Eastern Europe. Its motto is: Education for improved development! STUBE invites you to interesting seminars on global issues, currently in a webinar form. Have a look!

Please inform yourself about extra regulations in your student dormitory.

Sometimes you have to overcome obstacles in order to manage and finish your studies successfully. If you want to study with less stress or optimize your learning techniques, take advantage of the learning counseling services.

If you need additional support when it comes to studying, we recommend that you check out the Learning Counseling. It is offered in English and in German. They will shortly provide a newsletter containing useful learning tips. 

FAQ regarding visa and residence permit

The German embassies are responsible for the visa process. The University of Stuttgart does not have insight into the process.

If you are already in Germany

Please check the homepage of the foreign registration office of your place of residence for current information, contacts and opening hours!

Please apply for an extension of your residence permit before it expires. You can do this via e-mail with the foreign registration office (Ausländerbehörde) of your place of residence. Please send the required documents and proofs as attachments. The foreign registration office will then either inform you how to proceed or send you the extension via post.

Please make sure your mailbox is clearly labelled with your full name!

The University of Stuttgart is not in the position to speed up the visa process. You may enroll and attend courses online without arriving in Germany. The exams will take place in Stuttgart. Keep in touch with your study program for information regarding courses and exams.


Would you like to postpone your admission to a later semester? The possibility to do so depends on the admission regulations of your study program. 

you will need to apply for a new entry visa at the German embassy nearest to you. 

Please follow the steps explained in the Welcome Checklist. In case there are any problems, please contact the International Office.

Please explain your situation to the authorities when you contact them. Most authorities act cooperatively and currently accept documents sent via e-mail, pictures of documents and even a picture of your signature.  

To fill in pdf forms online, visit e.g. the website:

  1. Select "Load PDF from Internet"
  2. Enter the URL of the from you need (see above).
  3. Select the Text Tool at the top left and insert text
  4. Click on the green double arrow on the far left to download the edited PDF

If you cannot manage to fill in the documents, please contact the International Office.

Whether you are in Germany or abroad: please apply for an extension of your residence permit well before it expires. Please send an email to the foreign registration office (Ausländerbehörde) of your place of residence and the required documents and proofs as attachments. The foreign registration office will then either inform you how to proceed or send you the extension via post. Make sure your postbox is labelled properly with your whole name!

E-mail contacts of the Foreign Registration Office in Stuttgart

Get connected & Activities

International Chill & Chat

You would like to connect with fellow international students? Maybe chat with an advisor from the International Office and address topics of everyday life including German culture? Then join this relaxed online gathering on May 19, at 5 p.m. No registration required.

Get Connected Sessions by the buddy program

  • Thursday, May 6 at 5 p.m.
  • Wednesday, May 26 at 5 p.m.

No registration required. Join:, Passwort:

Other Events

Throughout the year we offer get-togethers and leisure time activities.

We usually offer you opportunities to meet other students and widen your network. Since this is not possible at the moment, we want to give you a chance for online meetings, playing games with other students from the comfort of your couch. If you are interested in our online roundtable series, where we want to play different online games together, you can send an e-mail. So we can add you to our mailing list. Please answer the following questions in your e-mail: 1. What is your study program? 2. Have you heard of the Intercultural Mentoring Program before?

Staying healthy by eating well and doing exercises is very important while you stay at home. We have collected a few offers where you can do sports at home, even in your dorm room. Some videos are in German, but through watching the video you can follow along even with minor German knowledge.

University sports (Hochschulsport)

The University of Stuttgart’s sports department offers workouts on Facebook or Instagram. They also offer courses in English or you can check out the "30 min at home HIIT workout” on YouTube which was especially made for English speaking students. You will need no equipment and only little space so you can even take part in your dorm room.

sport@home (by the city of Stuttgart)

The various sports clubs throughout Stuttgart offered daily sport sessions. If you cannot participate live you find the videos on their homepage or YouTube channel afterwards. All levels are welcome and different sports (such as functional training, yoga, core workout) are offered.


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