Teacher Education Center (ZLB)

The Teacher Education Center is responsible for the organizational and structural aspects of academic teaching qualification programs as well as for matters of quality assurance in teacher education.

The Teacher Education Center (ZLB) is a joint institution of the Universities of Stuttgart and Hohenheim.

The main task and goal of the Teacher Education Center as a central, interdisciplinary institution of the Universities of Stuttgart and Hohenheim is to improve the structure and content of teacher education, as well as to raise its status in society. In particular, this includes:

  • Strengthening teacher education in existing committees and structures
  • Promoting coordination processes to improve academic conditions and to ensure a high-quality curriculum
  • Initiation, implementation, and support of teaching qualification-related research aiming at scientifically sound quality assurance and quality development of the teaching qualification programs
  • Initiation and promotion of a dialog between theory and practice in teacher education both inside and outside of university

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Astrid Diener

Leiterin des Zentrums für Lehrerbildung

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