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Make new friends even before your arrival in Stuttgart

If you have just received admission to the University of Stuttgart as a degree-seeking student and if you would like to get support from a fellow student from the very beginning, uni mates is the right program for you.

Not sure yet? The decision tree will help!

The uni mates program aims to combine the arrival service from the buddy program ready.study.stuttgart as well as the support during the semester from the Intercultural Mentoring program.

Wait, what? There are three programs? No worries, if this sounds too complicated for now. Just have a look at our info graphic and see which support you would like to get. Which program, you decide to join is entirely up to you.

If you would like to be welcomed at the airport and receive support during the semester, the uni mates program is the right one for you.

Due to the COVID19 pandemic, all services, especially the arrival service, will be offered on a limited basis until further notice.  

Benefits for you

The benefits of your participation in the uni mates program in a nutshell:

  • Get in contact with a local student before your arrival
  • Your personal uni mate will welcome you at the airport or shortly after your arrival
  • S/he will help you moving into your dorm room or shared-apartment
  • S/he will support you with the formalities during the first days
  • You will both join the Intercultural Mentoring Program and meet two to three times a month after the semester has started – for all benefits have a look at their homepage
  • You can join events offered by the buddy program and the Intercultural Mentoring Program so you can make many new friends along the way
  • You have the opportunity to join seminars on many different topics
  • You can receive a certificate of participation

Requirements for participation

You can participate, if you:

  • are a degree-seeking student (this means you plan to complete your entire Bachelor’s or Master’s degree at the University of Stuttgart)
  • have just recently received your admission and are still in your home country
  • have time to meet at least twice a month with your uni mate after your arrival
  • have time for an online-interview before and a one day training after your arrival

Your participation in the uni mates program offers a unique way of getting to know local students, learn about student life at the University of Stuttgart and get integrated quickly into German society and the life in Stuttgart. You will also learn about new cultures and develop intercultural and social skills.

This image shows Fabienne Schopf

Fabienne Schopf


Project Coordinator "Arrival and Study Success" and Mobility Online

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