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Date: April 4, 2017, No. 26

New issue of U-Multirank

Top rank for the University of Stuttgart in the University Ranking by the EU Commission

 The University of Stuttgart has scored points in the fourth issue of the U-Multirank, the ranking initiative of the EU Commission: with 10 “A“ ratings, the University of Stuttgart is placed in the top group of the five best German universities in the fields of teaching and learning, research, knowledge transfer, internationalisation as well as regional commitment. In the category of research in particular the University of Stuttgart achieved peak values in five out of a total of ten indicators. 

Besides the field of research the University of Stuttgart was also particularly successful in the field of knowledge transfer and was in the group of the best ten universities achieving four out of nine peak values. 

Professor Wolfram Ressel, Rector of the University of Stuttgart, was delighted and commented on the renewed ranking success: “The very good result by the University of Stuttgart in the new U-Multirank shows that the University of Stuttgart is successfully pursuing its strategic goals and has successfully expanded its internationally recognised research strengths using the Stuttgart approach of linked disciplines.“

The aim of U-Multirank is to depict the multitude of universities worldwide through a wide variety of criteria. Applying a multi-dimensional approach, the ranking compares universities using over 30 indicators. In part the data comes directly from the universities, partly from student surveys and researches in publication and patent databases. 

Further information: www.umultirank.org

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