Date: February 26, 2018, No. 20


University of Stuttgart welcomes entrepreneurial spirit at the “Research Factory” ARENA2036.

The University of Stuttgart inspires its students by the means of research-led teaching and learning. The university’s graduates should make a creative contribution to scientific, business and social innovations once they enter into employment. The University of Stuttgart believes that STARTUP AUTOBAHN plays an important role in achieving this goal, as it brings the spirit of entrepreneurship on campus.

EXPO Day No. 3 at ARENA2036 on February 26th, 2018.

In the third batch of STARTUP AUTOBAHN, 33 young tech companies with the combined strength of 11 corporate partners have been working on 64 joint projects. They showcased their results on the Expo Day at the “Research Factory” ARENA2036 on campus Vaihingen on February 26th, 2018. The focus of these joint projects included  e-mobility, human-machine interface, supply chain & logistics as well as related themes in the field of vehicle tech, vehicle services, enterprise processes, future of production and industry 4.0.

The following startups were part of program 3: Acerta, Actronika, Affectiva, Arctic Coating, AVA, Bleenco, blik, CarbonTT, CARTO, Celonis, Cirrantic, CollectiveCrunch, Cybus, FlexeGRAPH, GBatteries, HD Vision Systems, LexaTexer, NÜWIEL, PlugSurfing, Prewave, Quantitec, Smoope, Snips, Tactotek, ThingOS, Toposens, ZeroLight, WayRay, Contractus,, High Mobility, FluentAI and ProcessGold.

STARTUP AUTOBAHN is about to facilitate more startups with their newest innovative technologies and visionary ideas. At the moment, startups can apply for program 5 and thereby become part of STARTUP AUTOBAHN. Such commitment pays off: First pilot projects already go to serial production, some have been honored with awards and many have been supported by investors.

The University of Stuttgart wants to encourage even more of its students to join the events of STARTUP AUTOBAHN thus empowering them to become a part of Stuttgart’s entrepreneurship ecosystem.

Research, innovation and entrepreneurship have found an ideal home at the “Research Factory” ARENA2036 on campus at the University of Stuttgart.

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