StartScience - Mentoring-Programm fuer Studentinnen

August 8, 2017

Student mentoring program - application deadline 15.9.17

StartScience - Mentoring-Program
[Picture: Robert Kneschke ]

Dear Students,
do you want to discover your full potential and develop new career strategies? Then mentoring is right for you!

Mentoring is a successful personal development instrument for encouraging and promoting young scientists. Motivated students will be mentored by an experienced doctoral student and receive targeted support when choosing their career path regardless of whether this is in the field of science or not. Your mentor will support you for an entire year. The mentoring process also comprises a supportive program of workshops, peer-mentoring by like-minded individuals and networking events, not to mention meetings intended to help you reflect on your progress and targets.

And, for participating in the StartScience Mentoring Program you will receive 3 credits per semester towards your interdisciplinary key skills qualifications.  

To qualify for this program you need: proof that you have passed the orientation exam, a convincing application for our program (profile questionnaires can be found online, german) as well as an interest in science and research and a desire to find out more about the daily working life of a scientist.

If you are also keen to get to know students from all subject areas then this is definitely the perfect program for you! 

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