February 15, 2018

Family relaxing-climbing-recreation week on Mallorca

The university sport association “Hochschulsport” is offering a family-friendly excursion for employees and students with children from March 19-26.

Mallorca offers unique rock formations and climbing experiences. Together with Hochschulport, you will have the chance to discover a new world of rock climbing near Manacor and experience the freedom to pursue your passion for climbing. Whether you like sport climbing on the cliffs, or a more cautious approach with natural grips and treads, deep water soloing, canyoning, slack-lining or just simply relaxing, the possibilities are endless.

As well as peace, recreation and relaxation, Hochschulsport offers a whole-day canyoning experience and a parent/child climbing safety refresher course. A separate children’s activity program will be offered on two days, giving parents the chance to go climbing, bouldering, or just to relax.

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