November 19, 2020

Andreas Kaminski: From an extraordinary racehorse – to a missing link between personal and artificial intelligence

Series “About the history of intelligence and artificial intelligence”

November 19, 2020

When one speaks of artificial intelligence, the name suggests that technical systems designated as such have a skill that might only be termed extraordinary brainpower. This lecture will delve into the history of psychology; journeying to the moment where the term intelligence was coined. In doing this, we discover an unexpected connection between personal and artificial intelligence: adaptability. By beginning at this point, one develops a different understanding of why technical systems were designated as intelligent – and begins to view the current competition in the AI sector in a different light.

Dr. Andreas Kaminski is currently a guest professor at the RTHW Aachen, and director of the Department of Scientific and Engineering Philosophy of Simulation at the University of Stuttgart’s High Performance Computing Center (HLRS).

This event is organized by the Center for Culture and Technological Research (IZTK) at the University of Stuttgart and the High Performance Computing Center (HLRS); in cooperation with the Stuttgart city library.

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