November 22, 2021

Examination registration period in the winter semester 2021/2022 ends on December 09, 2021

The examination registration period in the winter semester 2021/2022 ends on Thursday, December 09. Don't forget to register your examinations via C@MPUS!

The examination registration period in the winter semester 2021/2022 ends on Thursday, December 09. During this period you must register your examinations via C@MPUS, according to the examination regulations (exceptions are "Master: Online study programs"). 

Due to the special conditions of corona (e.g. heavily modified room planning due to significantly larger distances in the examination rooms), the publication of all examination dates, centrally organized by the Examination Office via C@MPUS, in the winter semester will probably not be possible until end of January 2022. The examination period for the examinations organized centrally by the Examination Office is scheduled from February 14 to April 9, 2022

Please pay attention to the following important information:

  1. You cannot take part in any examination without registration for the examination via C@MPUS between November 17 and December 9 (except for the examinations listed in the PDF-file which may not be registered online via C@MPUS).
  2. Due to Corona, at variance with the examination regulations, students can withdraw from the examination via C@MPUS up to one day before the examination without giving reasons. This also applies to re-examinations; in case of withdrawal, the deadline for taking the re- examinations postpone by one semester. For the withdrawal of re-examinations or examinations for which a date is not entered in C@MPUS, please use this form.
  3. The courses as well as the examination and study achievements must be registered separately. There is no legal connection between "the registration for a course" and "the registration for the examination".
  4. You must also register your academic achievements like USL, BSL during this period via C@MPUS.
  5. You must also register for re-examinations during the examination registration period. You cannot register for the examinations online via C@MPUS, if your course of study includes re-examinations within the same examination period (in this case, please contact the staff member of the Student Service and Examination Office who is responsible for you).
  6. Please note, that a withdrawal from a registered course-accompanying examination (orig. “LBP”) is only possible during the registration period without any reason. I.e. if you registered for such an examination, and want to withdraw from it after the end of the registration period, it is possible only with agreement of the examination board. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to register for course-accompanying examinations via the C@MPUS at the end of the registration period, when you are certain that you want to take this examination!
  7. In case of modules that last for two semesters, please only register for the examination in the semester in which the examination actually takes place. 

For further information, please contact the Student Service and Examination Office.

Information on how to register for exams via C@MPUS

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