Examination registration period November 15 to December 07, 2023

November 28, 2023

The examination registration period for the winter semester 2023/24 will be held from November 15 to December 07, 2023. Don't forget to register your examinations via C@MPUS!

The examination registration period for the winter semester 2023/24 will be held from November 15 to December 07, 2023.  You must register your examinations with the Examinations Office, in accordance with the examination regulations. This can be done via C@MPUS.

Please be sure to read the following important information:

  1. You cannot sit your examinations or complete your coursework if you have not registered during the examination registration period! This applies regardless of whether your fellow students, your lecturers or anyone else says differently - If you fail to register your examinations using C@MPUS during the examination registration period (November 15 to December 07, 2023) you cannot sit your exams!
  2. Exceptions from the examination registration period are:
    • Decentrally organized examinations listed in the PDF file (in German) which cannot be registered online via C@MPUS for special reasons. Special registration procedures specific to each study program apply for these examinations. You must ask your study program manager about these.
    • Continuing education study programs (Master:Online): examination registration for these study programs is also organized decentrally. Please contact your study program manager.
  3. Late registrations after December 07, 2023, are not possible, and can be approved neither by the examiners, the examination committee, nor the examinations office.
  4. Cancellation of exam registration: The usual regulations specified in the examination regulations apply for the individual study programs. In accordance with this, cancelling your registration without good reason is only possible up to seven days before the exam is due to take place (exceptions: course examinations (lehrveranstaltungsbegleitende Prüfungen – LBP) and repeat examinations).
  5. Exam and coursework registration must be completed independently of your registration to your study program courses. There is no legal connection between the registration for a course and the registration for an examination, i.e. the registration for a course in C@MPUS does NOT automatically lead to the registration for the corresponding examination or coursework.
  6. Coursework (USL, BSL) must also be registered during this period via C@MPUS.
  7. At the University of Stuttgart, there are no study programs that offer automatic re-registration by the examination office in their examination regulations for repeat/secondary exams. This means, you must register for repeat/secondary examinations via C@MPUS during the examination registration period. If your study program holds repeat examinations soon after the first examination, for example, three to six weeks after the first examination, then these examinations take place in the same examination period, which is why you cannot register for these examinations online via C@MPUS. You must register for these repeat examinations quickly, approx. one week before the repeat examination with the person responsible at the examination office.
  8. Please be aware that you can only cancel your registration for a course examination (LBP examination) during the examination registration period without giving a reason; it is not possible to cancel your registration for an "LBP" exam without giving a reason (i.e. approval from the examinations committee) after the examination registration period has closed. This means, if you register for such an exam and wish to cancel your registration after the examination registration period has closed, this is only possible with approval from the examinations committee. This is why we strongly recommend that you only register for LBP examinations towards the end of the examination registration period via C@MPUS, and only if you are absolutely certain that you want to, and can, take the exam!
  9. For examinations for modules that run over two semesters, please only register your examinations in the semester in which the examination will take place. Example: if a two-semester module begins in the winter semester, the examination for this module will only take place at the end of the module (so in the summer semester), so please register for this exam in the summer semester!
  10. Confirmation of a successful registration: Please check via the printout of your transcript of records ("Leistungsübersicht") whether your registered exam appears there.
  11. Under certain circumstances students with disabilities and chronic illnesses have the right to academic accommodation. Please contact the commissioner for students with disabilities or chronic illnesses well in advance.

How does registration work?

An instructional video and various guides can help you:

Further information and the examination regulations



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