Examination period in the summer semester 2022

August 1, 2022

The examination period for centrally managed examinations in the summer semester 2022 begins on August 8 and ends on October 1, 2022.

We wish you good luck and success for the upcoming exam period and would like to provide you with some important information about the upcoming examination period. Generally: This semester's examination period is returning to normal after four pandemic examination periods.

Dates for centrally managed examinations

Please check C@MPUS regularly for up-to-date information about the date, time, and room of your examination! The dates have been confirmed and will only be changed in absolute emergencies. Changes to times and rooms, on the other hand are much more common.

It is not possible to sit an exam without prior registration in C@MPUS

It is not possible to sit an exam without prior registration in C@MPUS This means, if you are not registered for exams in C@MPUS, you will not be able to take them. Registering for examinations at a later date via the Examinations Office is also not possible under any circumstances.

Corona regulations

  • Please read the University of Stuttgart's current hygiene concept, which came into effect on July 24
  •  Wearing an FFP2 mask, or a medical-grade mask is generally always recommended while in university buildings. We recommend that you wear a mask if a minimum distance of 1.5 meters from other persons cannot be maintained. Exam proctors can ask you to remove your mask for purposes of identification.
  • Access and participation bans: If you are subject to a quarantine order, or have typical symptoms of an infection with the coronavirus, such as a fever, cough, cold, or an inhibited sense of taste or smell, you are banned from entering the university buildings and from participating in examinations. In such cases, please refer to the current regulations pertaining to cancellation of examination registration.

Regulations for students with disabilities and chronic illnesses

Students with disabilities and chronic illnesses may be able to write their exams in a separate room upon request. Please send inquiries about this well in advance of the examination to the Commissioner for Students with Disabilities or Chronic Illnesses.

Cancellation of registration

Of particular importance here is the return to the 7-day cancellation of registration period. This means, Cancellation of registration without a valid reason is only possible up to seven days before the exam is due to take place. It is not possible to cancel your registration for course examinations (LBP) and repeat exams without giving a valid reason. In all cases where it is not possible to cancel examination registration without giving a valid reason, cancellation is only possible if a valid reason is given (e.g. illness) and if cancellation of registration is approved by the chairman of the examination board. More information about this can be found on the Corona websites.

Main line closures from July 30 to September 11, 2022

Please note that the "Universität" S-Bahn station will be out of service from July 30 to September 11, 2022, due to construction work on the main S-Bahn line between the main train station and Vaihingen. A replacement service will be provided. You can find more information about this on the VVS website [de]. Please expect delays and leave sufficient time to get to your exam on time.

How can I tell if an exam is managed centrally or decentrally?

In addition to the examinations managed centrally by the Examinations Office, there are also a large number of examinations that are managed decentrally, i.e. by the examiners themselves. Some of these examinations will take place before August 8. You can see whether an exam is decentrally or centrally managed in C@MPUS. Instructions on how to access this information might help you.

Please ensure you are aware of all updated information on the corona-websites!

We wish you good luck and success for the upcoming exam period!



Student Service and Examination Office

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  • Please contact the Student Service and Examination Office via our contact form, phone or during our office hours (onsite or online).
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