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School for Talents

We offer programs for talented students who want to expand their horizons as part of an interdisciplinary university network.

The School for Talents brings together exceptional students who want to explore scientific concepts beyond their own disciplines. This program offers the freedom to expand and deepen knowledge outside of students’ regular course of studies and addresses students who perform at the top of their class, who are curious and motivated to go the extra mile.

Passion for Science

The format is based on the principles of the “Stuttgarter Weg”. This guiding concept of networked disciplines at the University of Stuttgart encourages cross-disciplinary collaboration, an approach that is also central to the School for Talents. All projects aim to question the status quo and to come up with new answers in teams – with enthusiasm for science always at the center of discussions! The varied School for Talents programs offer room for students to get involved actively and allow for a high level of personal initiative. The program is designed as a space in which our participants can thrive both personally and professionally, a place where individual talents are recognized and promoted.

The School for Talents is generously supported by the German Research Foundation (DFG).

Application for the program: FAQs

The School for Talents is the right place for you, if

  • you have excellent grades and you thrive in academic settings,
  • you want to get to know peers from other disciplines who share your curiosity,
  • you seek the opportunity to expand your (professional) horizon, and to build new skills,
  • you want to become part of an interdisciplinary university network that values collaboration and knowledge exchange.

Over the course of 12 months, you will

  • benefit from workshops, excursions, and community-events,
  • boost your project and teamwork skills by working on a self-chosen topic within the framework of our annual theme “Reimagining Space – New Utopias”,
  • participate in discussions based on genuine questioning and open dialogue engaged at eye level,
  • meet stakeholders from science, society, politics and culture,
  • be able to contribute to the year’s program by bringing forward ideas of your own

Participation can be counted towards your key competencies (SQ – Schlüsselqualifikationsleistungen).

Interested applicants need to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Students currently enrolled at the University of Stuttgart (Bachelor and Master Students). All disciplines welcome.
  • You deliver outstanding academic results, and your grades are above average.
  • You are willing to contribute actively to our program over a period of 12 months, and you will keep your student status during this time. Workload: approximately 15 hours/month (includes mandatory participation in events, reading assignments and time invested in group work)

Coming soon! The call for applications for the 2021 season will start in early 2021.

You will be able to access the application form on this webpage at the beginning of 2021.
Applications must be submitted in English.

The School for Talents team looks forward to your questions. Feel free to call us or reach out via e-mail.

Annual Theme 2021

Our annual theme “Reimagining Space – New Utopias” invites School for Talents members to think about the future as a space full of potential, especially during uncertain times. We will look at important questions that underpin the ways in which we live together, and we will put the spaces through which we move at the center of our attention.

How do technology, art and design, but also political decisions and social processes shape the spaces that define the quality of our daily lives? How can we reimagine these spaces, experience them anew, and come up with concepts that improve the world around us?
We want you to ask “better” questions, to approach problems not with outdated mechanisms for problem solving, but with fresh eyes. “Reimagining Space – New Utopias” as a theme, will serve as a reminder to look for answers off the beaten path and through creative lenses. Together, we will discuss topics ranging from sustainable cities to space travel, digitalization and beyond, and meet with stakeholders from science, society, industry and the arts.

Eine Frau schiebt ihr Fahrrad auf einem Steg im Weltall. Am Horizont und unter ihr sind Planeten und Wolken zu sehen.
Our annual theme “Reimagining Space – New Utopias” invites School for Talents members to think about the future as a space full of potential, especially during uncertain times.


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Lisa Kohler

Head of School for Talents

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Carolin Birk

Consultant School for Talents

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Ariane Kiel-Freytag

Consultant School for Talents

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