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For most students, what is taught in school comes across as stiff and boring. After all, it’s not easy to be enthusiastic about something when you can hardly foresee what all that you have learned could be used for. Freshlecture wants to spark this enthusiasm in students by attracting experts from the industry, who will help organize a lesson in which they talk about their working life. On the Freshlecture platform, teachers can search online for experts relevant to the topic covered in class and in this way try out a different form of education.

There are many people who would appreciate a helping hand with their daily chores at short notice. Babysitting, doing the shopping or walking the dog. RentAHänd helps you get some reliable hands quickly. On the mini-job platform, users can post their tasks in real time and book paid support. So if you just want to do good and make a little money, you will find a place at RentAHänd.

Inspiring students for STEM subjects can be difficult, because not every school is equipped with cool labs and illustrative material. As a consequence, it is the school that already determines who one day will choose a STEM subject as a field of study. Spark wants to reach especially those schools in which STEM has not played a major role yet. With a real electric racing car as a learning platform that is used as an extension of the core curriculum, Spark wants to show students that maths and physics are exciting for everyone. Inspiring more people for STEM with hands-on knowledge.

Libraries for learning, workspaces for exercises and lecture halls for lectures, but where can students realize their own projects in teamwork? Where on campus can you find like-minded people to found a start-up with? Where can I find out what a start-up needs? Frei[raum] aims to be a place where founders can have a coffee and exchange ideas in a creative environment, while planning their own projects in a workshop area. The hybrid approach combines practical foundation theory with real start-up activity and wants to become the nucleus of a new start-up culture on campus.

Autonomous driving is the magic formula for future mobility. However, for car manufacturers, suppliers and mobility providers, there is a lot of development work between the present and the future. For the most part, it’s the testing of the individual software components, because redundant safety is an absolute priority in all autonomous systems. With its adaptive test platform for autonomous driving systems, SimSalabim offers developers the possibility to quickly and reliably test their system components in a complete software stack. With the help of intelligent systems, interfaces are adapted and test data are generated. In this way, up to 100 hours of development time can be saved per software component, and autonomous mobility will soon become a reality.

German companies are struggling to digitalize their production facilities. New machinery and 5G are expensive. HiTechtical offers an easy-to-use, low-cost solution for digital intralogistics. With the help of RFID tags and QR codes as well as modern image recognition, all machines, components and employees can be detected and tracked accurately to the centimeter. Intelligent analysis methods then enable digital access to the obtained information in the form of maps and utilization curves. In this way, every production facility is making the leap into the digital age.

It is often said that time flies. But it's not time that flies, it's us. Stress and illness are the result of our daily routine, which is precisely timed and coordinated. Beside timing all the activities, we have forgotten to make time to be mindful of ourselves. And yet, a walk in the countryside or an outdoor lunch can give us the opportunity to relax. True Nature offers time-driven people the opportunity to spend 2 hours offline at single and team events that can be integrated into the daily routine, and in this way achieve a better study/work-life balance. After all, there is no optimal working without optimal relaxation.

The pictures of swirls of plastic in the Pacific that are four times the size of Germany have found their way into our consciousness. But already in the next lunch break, we feel that there is no alternative when the food we are being served is wrapped in plastic. With its high-quality food containers and a deposit system, Boomerang wants to break the cycle, allowing restaurants, food trucks and supermarkets to offer their customers plastic-free consumption.

What is true and what is a lie? Finding that out is becoming increasingly difficult in our networks today, as each of us is living in their social bubble. To find the truth and reduce prejudice, we need to interact with people outside our own universe. BurstTheBubble is an offline community movement that wants to generate conversations between the different worlds with the help of themed bracelets. In this way, people can make interesting acquaintances in every S-Bahn, elevator or waiting line that can help everyone escape their social bubble.

One of the biggest driving forces of man-made climate change is our CO2 emissions. Especially our need for mobility is one of the main drivers. Campuscooter wants to establish a CO2-free Campus Vaihingen, where novel micromobility concepts can be provided and researched in practice. As protagonists, students are to book e-scooters on campus for short distances with their student ID cards and combine this with other local mobility concepts. Especially in the motor city of Stuttgart, this is a strong signal that our region, too, wants to participate in shaping this issue and actively counteract climate change.

In research, time and again very expensive laboratory equipment is purchased, which, after being used in a project, is often no longer in use. As a result, know-how is being lost and multifaceted research is made difficult. With a digital platform, Laxco aims to connect researchers and equipment managers to enable a better utilization of metrology laboratory equipment and simplify interdisciplinary research beyond the boundaries of one's own institute. In this way, researchers can gain knowledge from various perspectives and use high-quality laboratory equipment. Research institutes save costs by actively sharing laboratory equipment with other facilities, and, through better utilization, can learn more about the operation of special measurement devices.

Despite all diesel bans and inner city tolls, the search for parking spaces remains a serious problem. At the same time, there are plenty of parking lots in the inner cities that retailers and wholesale markets provide for their customers. With the help of its intelligent parking management, Carlotta wants to make these mostly unused parking spaces available to everyone and a source of revenue for the businesses. In addition, couponing and big data analysis are to enable better customer acquisition and personalized marketing.

A powerful sound and a cool design is what music box lovers want. However, trends such as individualization and sustainability have hardly been followed by manufacturers. Loud by Nature enables an individual and loud sound in a natural way. In the online store, customers can realize their individual design wishes, or have them realized. Loud by Nature offers high-quality electronics and sustainable materials. Because Loud by Nature stands for sustainable products that are maximally recyclable, to combine good sound with a good conscience.

There’s a range of leisure programs offered, but they are never available when you want to make use of them. Opportunities to try new things arise on balmy summer evenings with friends in the park, but most often the creative play equipment is missing. Karlskiste wants to change this and distribute boxes with the latest play equipment in the city. That way, curious students can frequently try new things via their student ID cards, and play equipment manufacturers can exhibit and test their products.

More than 1 billion people in remote areas of the world do not have direct access to electricity. E-Hydro wants to produce river turbines from cheap parts and scrap metal in MakerSpaces on site to enable a decentralized power production. In the process, microfinance instruments will allow everyone to purchase the E-Hydro turbines and start their own business, true to the motto “Power is the first step towards development”.

In Germany, there are two kinds of small and medium-sized enterprises: On the one hand, those who can barely keep up with all their orders and don’t want to put customers off, and on the other hand those whose expensive machines are underutilized. With its digital resource transfer, Wer fertigt jetzt! aims to bring these two parties together, enabling you to handle more orders and better utilize your machines. The B2B platform offers SMEs with an increased workload the opportunity to quickly and anonymously find and use free resources. 

Charging your smartphone on the go is often annoying and boring. At the same time, there are exciting energy sources everywhere, because more than 30% of our generated, precious energy is lost as heat. Thermoelectric elements allow us to make use of these energy sources. I-Recovery now makes charging an experience. With the I-Recovery app and thermocouple, users can find the city's “hottest“ energy sources and share them with the community.

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